About Us

We began in 2016 as an idea about what education could look like in the future.  We recognized that the world is quickly changing and the needs students are also changing.  The traditional education system is not without its merits, but it seems to be struggling more and more to keep up with a world which is constantly changing.  Gone are the days where a student studies hard, does well in school and lands a job they stay in for 20-30 years and retire from.  Our kids can now expect to change careers at least a couple of times while facing many of the same challenges as their parents and grandparents. What our students really need is to be taught how to think rather than what to think.  If they learn how to think and how they best learn they will be better equipped to face the challenges of our changing world.

Why Yew Tree

The yew is unique in many ways.  The tree has the ability to survive severe damage and recover.  For many, the tree’s continued flourishing despite hardship, an exceptionally long life, made it both symbol of survival and even a reminder of the eternity that awaits those who have died in Christ. Because of this, the yew tree has a long history in the British Isles where it is often found in churchyards and cemeteries. On a more practical level, yew was often used to build the famous English longbows which helped to defend England for centuries.  The men who carried these bows were common freemen, serving the crown whenever they were called up rather than the heavily armed professional soldiers, or poor conscripts, who often made up the military of other kingdoms. It was these men that made England different from kingdoms found in the rest of Europe.  So it is no surprise that England was the first European nation since Rome to create a democratic government.

We chose the yew tree for similar reasons.  Just as the yew tree is resilient and long lived, we believe that continued learning provides the tools one needs to not only to survive but to thrive. Similarly, we believe that education provides everyday people the power to make a positive difference in their own lives and in the lives of those around them. This is much like how the yew tree provided the raw material to build one of the most effective weapons of the middle ages, but only when it was in the hands of the common man.  Education is for everyone even if everyone’s education doesn’t look the same.


Our Team

Yew Tree Learning is committed to making sure you and your student succeed.  Our founder has spent over 10 years in the field of education. He has taught is a variety of setting including as in-home tutor and teacher in both public and private schools. He also holds an MA in Education and a California State Teaching Credential.  We pride ourselves on having teachers and tutors who love their job and the subjects they teach.