Tutoring: We offer tutoring in a variety subject areas including math, science, history, and language arts for students from about 5th grade up.  We are still building our team so feel free to ask for any help you need and we will promptly let you know whether or not we are going to be able to meet your tutoring needs. Listed below are the areas we already have tutors for.  If you don’t see the subject you are looking for listed please send us an email and we will see if we can find a qualified tutor for you in a timely fashion.

  • One-on-One: This works just like you think it would. You are hiring a tutor to meet with your students one on one.  If you live in proximity to our tutors they may be willing to meet with your student in person either in your home or in a public place such as a library.  If you do not live in proximity, tutoring is available online utilizing video conferencing software amongst other technologies to facilitate the lesson.
  • Group tutoring: If you have a group of students who are working on the same material we are happy to offer group tutoring rates.  By doing this each student gets the tutoring they need but the cost is spread out across the group so that each student’s share is less than that of one on one tutoring.
  • Homework Help: If you have several students at home that each need help on differing topics or assignments we are more than happy to help whoever need it for the family homework help rate.

Homeschool Support: We see the value provided by homeschooling and want to support you in whichever way we can.  To accomplish this we offer several services with the express purpose of providing professional support for homeschoolers.

  • Education consultant: The education consultant works with you and your student to choose or develop a plan of action.  This could mean helping you choose the right curriculum or helping you develop a plan which takes into account the specifics of you and your student’s interests, learning styles, and schedule.
  • Homeschool Teacher: Having a homeschool teacher is a great option for parents and students who need someone to plan, assign, and evaluate coursework.  Students will meet with their teacher once a week to discuss their progress, receive new assignments, diagnose issues and find resolutions, as well as to receive feedback on their work.  As a parent, you will not longer be responsible for assigning and grading assignment while still having an active role in the education of your student.